Louzantrail is a high impact sporting event in Lousã because it attracts hundreds of visitors, we realize that we are in a very important natural environment and that the imbalance caused must be reduced to the maximum. However, we intend with Louzantrail to make known the natural richness of Serra da Lousã and raise awareness of its conservation and protection.
The aim of the Louzantrail is to make known the natural richness of Serra da Lousã, but also to emphasize and make all involved aware of its conservation and protection. The mountain belongs to all and for all and, therefore, it is imperative to raise awareness among stakeholders of its importance.

In an age of climate change, more and more help in spreading nature protection is needed. And Louzantrail also aims to convey all these humanitarian and environmental values to all in general.
And in order to contribute to this, the Louzantrail organization has been year by year introducing recycled materials in the marking of their routes, in the different events, and together with the Mountanha Clube regularly collects debris throughout the year, left behind. by other Serra da Lousã users, and not only during and after the organized events.
It has been regularly promoting the maintenance, conservation and restoration of old trails used by the people of the mountain villages and the Schist Villages.
It seeks to minimize the waste produced, so it favored the electronic way of communication with all Louzanskyrace stakeholders.

Thus, together it contributes to the reduction of the ecological footprint.

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