Louzantrail, the trail race of emotions!

What are the principles of mountain safety?

Each athlete is responsible for their own safety. On the mountain, autonomy is the basis and priority over everything. In order to be autonomous, it is essential and consciously to know how to take care of one's health and self-evaluate. Think about eating and drinking regularly. Be alert for symptoms such as nausea, difficulty to urinate, blood in the urine, tachycardia, hypothermia or hyperthermia. In case of a problem, ask yourself: "Can I get to the next PAC/CPSS (Check point and Supply Station) without putting myself in danger?" In case, if you do not feel physically or mentally to continue, call the number on your BiB or to the 112. Keep in mind that even if the organization has a well-structured plan to help and ensure the safety of athletes, several situations in the mountains can cause a delay and take more time until the aid arrive.

Mandatory Material

All the mandatory material as the recommended material for the Louzantrail, is thought for your safety. Everything is useful. On the mountains, weather conditions can rapidly change and are almost always unpredictable. And the lack of a recommended or mandatory item in a given situation can make a difference.

What to do when you are injured or in difficulty?

Solidarity is an essential value in the mountains. Helping an athlete who is injured or in difficulty is an absolute obligation. If you encounter a person in difficulty, talk to them, ask them how does he feels, give the alert and stay with them until help arrives.

In case of a problem, what is the correct way to give the alert?

The location of the victim and the nature of their problem or injury are important information for rescuers. To help you to accurately locate and assist the work of rescuers and rescue teams, there will be landmarks along the different routes. These markers are composed of a color, a letter and a figure. If you are in difficulty, just indicate your last reference. These markers are designed so that even if you only remember one of the three elements, it allows you to narrow down the search perimeter. In accordance with Louzantrail regulations, you must have a mobile phone with a fully charged battery. To save battery power, consider turning off various useless mountain features such as WiFi, Bluetooth and 3 / 4G functions.

And performance?

In addition to its safety, its fulfillment and performance will be improved if it has material suitable for the practice of this sport. Excessive heat and other situations that cause energy waste can influence performance... make conscious energy management to practice trail running and to make your performance the best!




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