Louzantrail, the trail race of emotions!

Louzantrail is a sports event of great importance in Lousã which will attract hundreds of athletes and national and international visitors, and the Montanha Clube, as organizer of the Louzantrail, has the perfect notion that we are in a natural environment with fauna and flora of extreme importance and that the unbalance caused by such an event should be reduced to the maximum.
It is intended with Louzantrail to advertise the natural wealth of Serra da Lousã but also to emphasize and raise awareness to all those involved in its conservation and protection. The mountain it’s from everyone and for all and, therefore, it is imperative to raise awareness of the importance of it to us all.
In an era of climate change, increasingly is necessary more aid in spreading the need of nature protection. And Louzantrail also aims to transmit all of these humanitarian and environmental values ​​to everyone in general.
And in order to contribute to this, Louzantrail's organization has been introducing recycled materials every year to mark its routes in the different events, and together with Montanha Clube it collects waste regularly throughout the year, by other users of Serra da Lousã, and not only during and after the organised events.
It has been promoting regularly the maintenance, conservation and recovery of old trails used by the ancient and elder people of the mountain villages and of the Schist Villages.
And it seeks to minimize the waste produced, and therefore privileges the electronic means of communication with all Louzantrail participants.

Thus, and together we all contribute to the reduction of the ecological footprint.





Initiative Co-financed by

Dueceira Inature